Tilla takes necklaces (and a few pots) to Bath

ceramic bead necklaces by Tilla Waters

On Saturday (March 28th) I’ll be in Bath for the Selvedge Spring Fair.

I spent a few hours today planning my stand. I’ll be showing predominantly my ceramic bead necklaces, with pots in the minority. It feels very different – partly because I’m doing it on my own – this is much more my show rather than a joint enterprise with James. Necklaces and pots make an unusual combination but I like seeing the relationship and hope the visitors will like my display.

2 thoughts on “Tilla takes necklaces (and a few pots) to Bath”

  1. mari

    I really loved the combination of ceramic bead necklaces and pots. I wish I had more time and cash with me.
    I will check your making and will get something for myself soon.
    Well done. I really loved your stand yesterday at the Selvedge Magazine Spring Fair.

    1. Tilla Waters Post Author

      Thanks Mari! I really appreciate such encouraging feedback as I feel like I’m still just finding my feet with the necklaces and how to show them. I hope you enjoyed the fair. Best wishes, Tilla

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