james & tilla waters ceramics

james and tilla in the workshop
orange mug and grey teapot
james throwing (unglazed pourer)
kiln firing in the dark
workshop door
teaset by James and Tilla Waters
decorated tea set (image: Yeshen Venema)
James and Tilla Waters' decorated stoneware
decorated stoneware: coffee cup, beaker and pourer
James and Tilla Waters
cylindrical forms: circle series 1


We are award winning studio potters based in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

Our partnership combines James’s making skills with Tilla’s love of colour and design.
Our practice is rooted in the production of thrown tableware, using both stoneware and porcelain clay bodies.
We think it’s important that each piece feels nice in the hand, works well and looks great.
We met each other during our apprenticeship with Rupert Spira, and set up our own pottery in 2002.

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