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ceramic bead necklaces by Tilla Waters

On Saturday (March 28th) I’ll be in Bath for the Selvedge Spring Fair.

I spent a few hours today planning my stand. I’ll be showing predominantly my ceramic bead necklaces, with pots in the minority. It feels very different – partly because I’m doing it on my own – this is much more my show rather than a joint enterprise with James. Necklaces and pots make an unusual combination but I like seeing the relationship and hope the visitors will like my display.

Tilla posted a small piece about her bead making in the blog.  I really like the things that she is making. They are very much her own and quite liberated from the expectations that the pots bring with them about function and established forms and the particular “look” that my making gives things.

I took this image of some little beauties she made last night. She makes them at the kitchen table.

P1010026In my spare time I’ve been making ceramic beads. These are some of the latest – un fired as yet so the colours will be brighter when finished. I make them by rolling soft coloured clay around a paintbrush handle. My inspiration came from a necklace I saw at Oriel Myrddin made by Lovehate.

I’m particularly excited about the composite ones. (But also nervous that they will fall apart in the kiln). It’s really hard to cut at ninety degrees (a bit like slicing a loaf of bread neatly but more so) which is why some of them have wiggles – I decided to go with it and consider it a positive quality!