This week we had a bit of a sort out in the store room… and decided to add quite a few pots to the sale section of our website. Here are some of them. We haven’t quite finished sorting so I dare say there’ll be more joining them next week. Thanks for subscribing and I hope you find a nice bargain! xT

Raw glazed vase. 11cm. Was £65 now £50.


Decorated breakfast mug. Was £60 now £45.

Decorated breakfast mug. Was £60 now £45.

Large lidded jar. Was £180 now £120.

Small decorated pourer. Was £60 now £45.

Decorated beakers and pourer. Were £40 / £60 now £30 / £45.

5 thoughts on “Sale.”

  1. Alison Edwards

    I am wondering whether your large lidded jar is still available.
    I hope to get to your exhibition as well, either Wednesday 24th or Saturday 17th as I am in London this week. Thank you!

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