Flowers and “Vases”

Suddenly there are flowers everywhere.  I’ve been bringing them into the house and although I have lots of vases, many of them weren’t designed to be used as a vase. These are some of my favourites:

1My brother was an avid bottle hunter as a teenager and this is one he found in a bottle dump in the 1970s.

2We found this tiny glass bottle in the garden; it’s perfect for hedgerow flowers.


I bought this beaker by Rupert Spira from CAA in London in the early 90s, I was a student and remember it seemed terribly expensive. I never use it to drink from but love it as a vase.

4This is one of our large tenmoku pourers – I think it complements these beautiful white narcissi perfectly.


5I bought this Derek Wilson pot from him at Ceramic Art London several years ago. I just liked it and had a hunch it would make a good vase.


6This is an early James (made during apprenticeship?) It doesn’t exactly declare its intended function but he used it to test one of his own glaze recipes (copper red) and I use it for short stemmed strong coloured flowers – including sweet peas later in the year.


7And last but not least: the trusty soy sauce bottle – perfect for medium height single stem flowers (especially yellow ones).


I hope you too are enjoying Spring.


5 thoughts on “Flowers and “Vases””

  1. Penny Vickers

    I’m a sucker for flowers and always want to buy the pot that is being used as a vase on stalls. I particularly like the resonance of the copper red glaze with the purples of the flowers and the orange tints in the foliage.

    1. Tilla Waters Post Author

      Thanks Penny – that’s interesting – we tend not to use flowers at shows – James likes a more minimal, austere look – but perhaps there’s a middle ground: foliage, single stem etc.? xT

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