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james and tilla waters unglazed teapotThis teapot feels like a fantastic example of our collaboration and a huge accomplishment. (I do feel a bit guilty that James has the hardest job in actually making it and I get to do the fun, easy part.)

It is fairly small at 700 ml and unglazed,  like the “naked” set we made last year for the BCB. It is made from pigmented stoneware and the motif is inlaid. We are hoping to have a small range of unglazed porcelain ware available at Ceramic Art London in April.

james and tilla waters teapotMore of our teapots here.

drawing 5It’s the first day back in the workshop after the Easter break. We’ve been thinking about what we might do with the cylindrical forms next: one idea I have been playing with in my mind is to put a flat lid on a cylindrical form or maybe partially close off the top as in this little ink pot that I really like.

crocuses 2013Last Autumn we planted 1000 crocuses in our lawn. A rectangle now, we are hoping that as they naturalize and spread, the regular shape will slowly thicken and blur. Earlier this week we were lucky enough for the sun to shine on them to make them open up.

James     8th Mar. 2013