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Some jobs are so daunting they get put off for years… like updating our profile picture. Over a year ago I realised that our portrait didn’t look like us anymore and that trying to persuade myself it didn’t matter / putting my head in the sand hadn’t worked.

It takes a hard deadline from outside to make it happen. Our first portrait was taken in 2006 at a photo session with Martin Avery for an exhibition in Ireland and Aberystwyth called Emerging Makers.

James and Tilla Waters by Martin Avery 2006









Time marched on but the portrait stayed the same until we were awarded an Arts Council of Wales grant in 2012. They requested an “up to date portrait” for their website. It was a sunny day and James was gardening so I set up the camera and tripod in dappled shade and told him where to stand. I forgot to tell him to take off his gardening gloves so had to remove it digitally later!
















Last week I did an interview for Country Living Modern Rustic who will be featuring us in the New Year. This was the shove we needed. On Sunday afternoon our lovely new apprentice, Becca Thornton, took several zillion shots of us and bingo! We’re current again. We’ve chosen one of us looking fairly serious:

James and Tilla Waters 2017









but I thought you might like to see some of the less serious ones…