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greenware coffee cups drying

greenware coffee cups drying

The last job to be done on a coffee cup before letting it dry prior to biscuit firing is applying the slip colour to the foot. It’s one of those jobs that is tempting to think will take no time at all and in fact ends up taking most of the morning …

I always enjoy seeing them lined up on the shelves afterwards though. No more wrapping up in plastic to stop them drying out; now the work of a few days can be seen at last.


decorated teapotsWe are busy making stock for CAL (Ceramic Art London). These are some decorated teapots drying before their first firing – looking promising but a long way off being “in the bag”. The functional demands on a teapot are obviously great which means they’re difficult to do well.

They should pour well, feel nice to hold; the lid fit well, ┬ábe light and balanced – and of course look good. They only have to fall short in one respect to be proclaimed a “second”.

However, if all goes well they could be one of our best products – James’ perfectionist attention to detail in the making and my surface design – that’s collaboration. Now we just wait with fingers crossed.