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espresso james and tilla waters thrown porcelainI couldn’t resist taking an image of this espresso mug body, upside down on a chuck on Tilla’s wheel. I think they look particularly lovely at this stage – absolutely matt, fresh and direct.

Now she passes it back to me to have a handle put on and foot colour applied.

espresso mugs

black and white espressoI’ve been trying out a new idea on an espresso mug. The lower half is an unglazed black slip and the upper half a slightly overlapping clear glaze. I like it’s bold simplicity and interesting tactile quality.

Tilla isn’t convinced though. Her verdict: crude. I bow to her opinions on these things but will have to see if I can continue the research and come up with something that will win her over!

James     4th December 2013

dec. espressoEspressos used to be the only mug shape we didn’t decorate – we assumed they were too small. But recently my decoration has become more graphic and minimal which seems to suit  a small scale. The four we’ve made are shown on the cups and mugs page, but this is my favourite one. I’m sure we’ll be making more.

Tilla October 26th 2013