Diverse Decoration

Decorating a pot can feel like a risky business – although superficial it can make or break the appeal of the object. During the last eighteen years of decorating pots, I have tried not to be timid or conservative and have taken risks, resulting in an embarrassing number of “seconds”… and many I’m proud of.

They are all one-off individuals from small batches. I can remember specific occasions and people who bought some of the pots pictured below, and I like to imagine that they are still in one piece, serving frequent cuppas, pouring, being held and sipped from and generally bringing pleasure.

My inclination to explore decorative techniques and ideas has resulted in considerable diversity which I would like to show you. Some are boldly tonal:

decorated small plate (stoneware) 2020

decorated breakfast cups (stoneware) 2017

decorated small mug (stoneware) 2018

But I have also enjoyed using colour, its energy and exuberance feels life affirming:

decorated teabowls (porcelain) 2012

decorated large mugs and teapot (stoneware) 2020

decorated beakers (porcelain) 2014

decorated small pourer (stoneware) 2019

Some are very quiet:

decorated teabowl (stoneware) 2018

decorated small pourer (stoneware) 2018

decorated small teapot (stoneware) 2017

decorated large plate (stoneware) 2018

decorated teabowl (stoneware) 2017

…and minimal:

decorated small pourer (stoneware) 2018

decorated small pourer (stoneware) 2018

decorated small mugs (stoneware) 2018

decorated bowl (stoneware) 2016

red dot breakfast cups (porcelain) 2009

(perhaps this last image is stretching the meaning of decoration).

Some have muted colours and an earthy feel:

decorated coffee cups (stoneware) 2016

decorated beaker (stoneware) 2018

decorated breakfast cup (porcelain) 2014

There is an intensity or vigour to the earliest decoration:

decorated teabowls (porcelain) 2014

decorated beakers (porcelain) 2006

decorated small and large pourers (porcelain) 2014


…which became more pared down and graphic:

Unglazed teapot 2014

decorated teapot (porcelain) 2014

decorated coffee cup (stoneware) 2020

decorated small pourers (stoneware) 2018

decorated small pourer (stoneware) 2019

decorated breakfast cup (stoneware) 2020

Thanks for reading / looking. I hope you have enjoyed my decoration!

5 thoughts on “Diverse Decoration”

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    1. Tilla Waters Post Author

      Thank you so much Ann! Yes, I always decorate on green ware as it allows me to do sgraffito – also to scrape off if I don’t like what I’ve done. I prefer products described as glaze stains as they seem more versatile than underglazes (but probably both would be fine).
      With best wishes,

  2. Zahra

    Love your work and I am very pleased to see I own some of the pieces in your blog post 😊. Your pieces give me a lot of joy and pleasure to use and appreciate. Best wishes, Zahra

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