Our work at the V&A (!)










We always knew that making mainly functional pots by hand is not an easy way to make a living but we (somewhat blindly) trusted that, if we applied ourselves and were able to remain creatively engaged, people would like our work and we would do OK.

When we were contacted by the V&A last month about acquiring some of our work it felt like the highest compliment we could wish for. I was glad that they wanted decorated work (otherwise my input would have been tiny). They chose a teapot from our website shop and asked us to make a breakfast cup and pourer to go with it. This is the group:









I love seeing ceramics at the V&A – there are pieces I enjoy every time (Lucie Rie for example) but it’s such a vast collection that I always find fresh inspiration from previously unnoticed pots.

It’s slightly strange to think that  those pots will never be used – the teapot will never make a nice brew and the cup won’t touch anyone’s lips. But it’s great to think they could inspire future potters!

And thank you for supporting us – it means a lot!


16 thoughts on “Our work at the V&A (!)”

  1. Christina

    Hi Tilla,
    Such great news re the V&A, many congratulations! And a wonderful ensemble. Will have to go and have a look!
    Also just to say that my Mum loved her necklace. It’s already replaced one (which I never liked very much) that she’s been wearing for decades. A great success! Thank you.
    All the best from a rainy Stansted Airport to Wales, hope Callum has now left you,

    1. Tilla Waters Post Author

      Hi Christina,
      Thanks for the congratulations.
      I’m so glad your Mum likes the necklace – you obviously chose well!
      Yes, Callum was nasty – we had power cuts and local flooding but all’s calm and sunny again now.
      Best wishes, Tilla

  2. Ruth Addinall

    Huge congratulations to you both! Most well deserved! And I’m sure it will help you keep the faith.
    All good wishes for continued success.
    I adore my wee tenmoko espresso cup – use it many times every day 🙂
    (Decaf mostly!)

    1. Tilla Waters Post Author

      Thank you so much Ruth!
      I don’t think I emailed to thank you for buying the tenmoku espresso… our website is doing fairly well for us now but we still have few enough sales that each time we celebrate!

      I’m so glad your espresso is doing it for you, not many people in this country seem to use them. We do from time to time – inspired by the most glorious experience in a service station in the South of France many years ago – it was called a petit crème – basically an espresso with double cream floating on top and did a good job of reviving us!

      I hope you’re well.
      Best wishes,

  3. Heather Kossow

    At first I thought the V&A shop was placing an order for your wares… and then the penny dropped! I am so thrilled for you both to have this very flattering accolade and look forward to viewing your work amongst their collection.

    1. Tilla Waters Post Author

      Thanks Penny – in a way it feels like luck – that James and I have ended up together and make such a good team whereas most potters have to manage on their own! I hope you’re both well. xxT

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