New Decoration

My decoration seems to exist within a context of gradual evolution; nothing is ever totally new but everything is unique. For months on end I’m happy to repeat favourite themes and colours and then suddenly a new idea or colour occurs to me which prompts innovation. Recently there have been three new ingredients prompting quite radical newness!

  1. Squares. Squares are the new circles.

Decorated coffee cups. Diameter approx 7.5 cm

Decorated coffee cup (back)

2. Vertical (is the new horizontal).

Small decorated pourer (back).

Small decorated pourers. h: 11cm

3. Red (in moderation).

Teabowl. Diameter approx. 10 cm

Small decorated pourers h: 11cm

decorated stoneware coffee cup

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new decoration as much I enjoyed making it and thank you for reading / looking.

4 thoughts on “New Decoration”

  1. Michael Battiste

    love love love them! especially the square motif… remind me of kasimir malevich (my current favourite artist)

  2. Penny Vickers

    Ooh, I like the squares very much. They make me think of Paul Klee (which I’m always happy to do). You might like to know that there’s a missing e from coffee in the last picture caption. I’ve just written 4 blog posts for my HNC course and I’m slightly obsessed by these details. I spent ages trying to find a theme on wordpress that would allow me to use both italics and plain script in the picture captions. Yes, I know, I should get a life.

    1. Tilla Waters Post Author

      Ooh Penny – you’re eagle eyed – I should get you to proof read all my drafts! I’m so glad you like the squares – and what a compliment that they remind you of Paul Klee, I must go and look at him again.
      I often pester our lovely, tolerant, capable website people with details which I suspect most would find petty and irrelevant, but must admit I’m mighty pleased with the new style captions! xxT

      1. Penny Vickers

        Nigel suggested that you’d actually misspelt covfefe but I see the caption now says coffee so what does he know.. Px

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