Finally, some finished necklaces

ceramic bead necklace james and tilla watersThese are some of my coloured clay bead necklaces. I have been road testing them and find them very “wearable”. Two are threaded onto sterling silver snake chains and one onto some rather nice hemp twine. I like the DIY rustic nature of the hemp and it seems to be very strong, but it’s also nice to have that silver element with the chains.

I’ve been interested in making necklaces for a long time  – since discovering Grace Girvan and Alison Mcleod at our first Origin in 2006. I think I’m beginning to develop a personal style. This latest making project was sparked off by a necklace which I saw in the shop at Oriel Myrddin in the Summer. It is made by Lovehate Australia; I tried it on but didn’t feel it was quite me – the wrong scale for my body somehow. I love making the necklaces – it’s largely about combining colours and shapes – as I do when decorating pots, but in a different context.  I’m hoping to sell some one day. Please tell me what you think of them!

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ceramic bead necklace James and Tilla Waters

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ceramic beads James and Tilla Waters

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